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The Phone Lady provides salespeople, entrepreneurs, fundraisers, marketers, executive assistants and other administrative personnel with the skills they need to become powerful and effective communicators on the telephone.

Phone phobia affects approximately 80% of business people. The result is frustration, procrastination, project delays and, in some cases, the loss of existing clients and new business opportunities.

By revealing the psychology involved in telephone communication, The Phone Lady provides her clients with simple, logical and easy methods for improving their phone conversations.

When to ask questions, what questions to ask, what to do with the answers, how to reach decision makers and what words work best in specific situations are all part of The Phone Lady workshops and seminars.

Mary Jane Copps is The Phone Lady. An accomplished author, speaker and facilitator, her career has found her on the end of a telephone as a manager, a journalist, a salesperson, a researcher and a fundraiser. She is on a quest to improve telephone communication everywhere!

You can contact Mary Jane at maryjane@thephonelady.ca. Enjoy browsing this website and sign up to follow The Phone Lady blog to begin improving your telephone communication today.

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